Virtual Train

In the Laboratory of Industrial Neuroscience a study was carried out to explore the neurophysiological, behavioural and implicit responses of people during exposure to stimuli related to two trains belonging to two Italian train companies that are competitors (Trenitalia vs. Italo).

The study was divided into 3 phases:

  •  Phase in Virtual Reality
  •  Screen Phase (Images and Videos)
  •  IAT phase

All participants were subjected to the travel experience of two train journeys (Trenitalia vs. Italo) through the VR; during the experience some sounds, visual and olfactory variables were manipulated.

The tools used in the research are: EEG, GSR, HR and the HTC Vive system.

Through the integration of these technologies we are going to study the physiological responses of the subjects during the interaction with environments and products, even in the first stages of development.

In the VR, the participants interacted with environments that are normally difficult to replicate in the reality and mostly the users were exposed to stimuli in the same sequence -  a condition that is difficult to replicate in a real environment.