Duration: 2 years- 2022/2024

The NeuroDante project studies cognitive and emotional activity during the fruition of passages and images related to the Divine Comedy as part of the exhibition "The Reception of the Comedy from Manuscripts to Media" at the Library of the Accademia dei Lincei in Rome.

For the acquisition of biometric data and the measurement of cognitive states, the research uses the Mindtooth system developed by BrainSigns as part of a European Fast Track to Innovation project.

The project includes several experimental stations: through 'emozIonDAnte' and 'Dante everGreen', respectively, the degree of acceptance of artificial intelligence in the creation of literary texts and the objective concern for the environment and sustainable consumption are measured. Through the 'TramanDante' station, on the other hand, the neural correlates of the individual and possible synergy between reading and video enjoyment are studied, aiming to identify the best ways of learning a literary text.

The activities also make use of the collaboration of actress Lucilla Giagnoni, who interpreted the dantesque passages used in the study.