Progetti e network tematici

OSNET is a Targeted Thematic Network on Ornamental and DimensionalStones, funded by the European Commission under the Competitive and Sustainable Growth Programme.







One of the main activities of the OSNET Network is the publication of various editions. The purpose of which is to make the Network known to a wider public and to disseminate useful knowledge and information to EU stakeholders in order to effectively address the EU stone sector problems. The Network editions are available in hard copy and are also included in the Network Web site. These involve:

·         The Annual Workshop Proceedings which include the keynote lectures, the presentations of the working groups, the round table discussion and conclusions of the annual OSNET Workshop.

·         Technical Editions which include the results of the Sector working groups on key issues in the Sector concerning best practice/solution methodologies on stone characterisation, production, use of equipment, safety and environmental aspects.

List of published technical editions




Machines and tools for stone quarrying and processing


Dimension Stone quarrying in Europe and stability of quarrying operation


Health and safety in the Ornamental Stone industry: current situation – Risk assessment and Safety on quarries and processing plants


Application of Diamond Technology in the Stone Sector


Characterisation methodologies and norms


Needs and priorities in Stone Characterisation


Optimising Quarrying Techniques and Practices


A review of Stone processing Industry in five EU regions


Complementary Technologies for Stone Processing


Stone for Construction and Architecture, from Extraction to the Final Product


State of Art of Technology Transfer in the European Ornamental Stone sector


Environmental friendly practices for Natural Stone exploitation


Overview of the International and European Union Market


Automation in stone quarrying and processing operations:
a major challenge to reduce labour cost and increase competitiveness


EU FP6 Innovation Programme: WOOD-STONE: "Intelligent System for Optimising the On-line Finish Process for Stone Slabs and Wood Panels".




EU FP5 Growth Programme: ENVICUT: " Human and environmentally friendly cutting and milling of materials ".