Educational Project

The Special Master of Aerospace Engineering is a two-year program. However, it reduces to a one-year program for students with a university title in the area of aerospace engineering . All courses are taught in English. The educational project of the Special Master of Aerospace Engineering pushes students towards practical projects. In fact, students get trained in research and development activities through an education that covers both theoretical and practical aspects. As a matter of fact, courses usually include lab activities; in the School of Aerospace Engineering the following labs are active AerosPower - Power Systems for Aerospace Lab ARCA - Automation Robotics and Control for Aerospace Lab EOSIAL - Earth Observation Satellite Images Applications Lab Flight Mechanics Lab Guidance and Navigation Lab Electronics Lab Structure and Material Lab Technologies for Aerospace Lab Thermo-acoustic Lab Thermo-vacuum and Optics Lab The School's facilities include a ground station for tracking and commanding satellites, a space simulator (thermo-vacuum, magnetic field, sun simulator), and a clean room for assembling microsatellites.

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