Learning Objectives

The learning objective of the Special Master of Aerospace Engineering is training experts that can be employed in advanced research and development centers in aerospace engineering.

An important aspect of the program consists in giving students a system-oriented approach to aerospace engineering. The capability of having a system-oriented and global vision of a space mission is not common in the industry because complexity of each subsystem pushes engineers to focus on single aspects. The design of the general architecture is assigned to the system engineer who is a long-experienced engineer that is able to have a global understanding of the project due to their experience acquired in various subsystems. System engineers are increasingly more difficult to find due to discontinuities that occur over time in the development of large space projects.
Master programs in aerospace engineering tend to provide students with at most a basic education in one of the areas of aerospace engineering because of the continuous technological advancement. On the other hand, complexity of current space programs asks for professionals capable of having an insight in extremely various technical aspects. Thus, education offered by the Special Master is extremely important in the industry since it trains system engineers in astronautics.

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