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Silvia Fedeli, direttore dei dipartimento di economia e diritto


Silvia Fedeli
Full Professor of Public Finance
5° Floor (ala A) room n.507, Via del Castro Laurenziano 9,
00161 Roma - Italia.
Tel e Fax +390649766399




Silvia Fedeli is full professor of Public finance at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Rome - Sapienza.
First degree in Economics (University of Florence).
Junior reseach fellow of the School for Parliamentary studies "Silvano Tosi”, sponsored by the Italian Parliament (University of Florence).
Master of Science in Economics (University of York, UK).
D. Phil. In Economics (University of York, UK).
Departmental roles
Member of the Steering Committee for the Doctoral Programme in Economics, Sapienza;
Senior research fellow of the Sapienza School for Advanced Studies (SSAS);
Member of the Board of Studies of the M. Sc. in Public Economics, Sapienza;
Member of the Board of studies for the M.Sc. in Economics of Money, Credit and Finance, Sapienza;
Professional affiliations:
She is member of: the  Public Choice Society, European Public Choice Society, Società Italiana di Economia Pubblica,  International Institute of Public Finance, Societa’ Italiana degli Economisti.
Research interests/areas of expertise and scientific publications
Public finance;  Analysis of tax evasion; Theory of bureaucracy; Parliamentary lobbying regulation and interest groups; Regulation and procurement of monopoly firms; Labour market and monopoly union models; Game theory and constitutional choices; Analysis of electoral systems and power indices, with application to Italy and the European Union; Public co-financing of private investments and corruption; Analysis of the impact of ageing population on the European Union pension systems; Local public finance. 


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