Highlighting the Relevance of Space Law for Developing Space Ecosystems in Africa


20 aprile ore 13.00
Online, Zoom Platform

The webinar Highlighting the Relevance of Space Law for Developing Space Ecosystems in Africa, scheduled on Wednesday 20 April 2022, 1 pm (CEST), is jointly organized by the Department of Political Sciences of Sapienza University and the Kenya Space Agency (KSA), with the further support of the Italian Space Agency (ASI), as part of the ASI-Sapienza-KSA Project OSL –Outer Space Law for International Cooperation and Sustainable Development.

The event will be opened by Ag D.G Col. Hillary Kipkosgey, KSA, and followed by interventions of: Sergio Marchisio, Senior Lead of OSL Project, Sapienza University; Munzer Jahjah, Broglio Space Center, ASI; Isaac Rutenberg, Legislative Policy and Technology at WIPO; Marco Ferrazzani, Legal Services Department at ESA; Joan Chesoni, State Counsel Office of Attorney General. Nicoletta Bini, Legal Office ASI, will moderate the event.

Participants will discuss the role of space legislation for emerging space countries, such as Kenya, and exchange views on how legal frameworks can support the growth of space industry.

Prof. Sergio Marchisio

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