After you are nominated by your home University, you will receive a login code and a password to proceed with your Application. You have to upload these documents on your Personal Page:

  • National Identity Card 
  • Photo (.jpg) Passport (.pdf)
  • Learning agreement (.pdf)
  • Fiscal code (.pdf)
  • Certificate of Italian language (.pdf)
  • Transcript of records (.pdf)
  • Application Form (.pdf)

Departmental Coordinator will receive your Learning Agreement and will decide about your acceptance. Once it will be approved you find it and the Letter of acceptance in your Sapienza's account.
As per the new Sapienza guidelines, students are no longer required to provide an official certificate attesting their Italian language level. However, we recommend that students have no less than an intermediate level of Italian to make the most of their stay and make daily life in Rome easier and more enjoyable.
ITALIAN LANGUAGES COURSES Language courses are free of charge for all students who wish to attend them. In order to enroll in Sapienza Italian language courses, incoming Erasmus students must fill out the relevant section on their application form within the application deadlines!
INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS WELCOME WEEK Sapienza organises an International Students Welcome Week from 23rd to 28th September 2019. During the event, students receive useful information about academic and university life at Sapienza. It is a great opportunity to meet the Erasmus staff and members of the Erasmus Student Network (ESN).
ENROLMENT IN EXAMS FOR ERASMUS STUDENTS - INFOSTUD SERVICE As an Erasmus student at Sapienza, once you have filled out your on-line application form, you will receive a username and a temporary password to access the Infostud service. Please, remember that you are not supposed to register on Infostud by yourself! At this point, your registration number (“matricola”) will not be active, yet. You will have to change your password to access other Infostud services. Your registration number will be fully actived only once you arrive in Rome and pick up your Erasmus student card at your faculty Erasmus office. If you lose your registration number and/or your password, please contact: For any doubt, please carefully read the Guide to use Infostud system.

In order to do the registration, all documents will be sent by e-mail:
We need a document certifying arrival, such as boarding pass, train ticket that can prove the day you arrive. If any of you have decided to virtually start the mobility, you must notify us in advance for the purpose of the certificate of attendance.
If your university needs signed documents, they must be sent by email to me:
During the registration phase you will be given the student card with which you can access various services. We will advise you once the cards are ready and allow you to collect them in the department through appointment at the concierge in via Salaria 113.
Once the registration phase is completed, you will be sent the credentials to access INFOSTUD, a platform through which to book the exams to be taken and view the reservations made.

Due to Covid-19, Sapienza will deliver courses both online and face-to-face. It is possible to book for face-to-face lessons via the PRODIGIT platform ( which works in stages and within which it is accessed via INFOSTUD credentials. On Prodigit, it is possible to book your seat in the classroom by registration numbers, indicated on the platform's home page.
To view the courses you have chosen, receive information about the exam to be taken and the link to access the online lessons, rely on Moodle on this link and search for the course you have chosen and entered in the Learning Agreement in advance. It is possible to see the courses provided by our department at the following link: (at the top right you can change the language to English).

NOTE: If you have chosen courses outside our Department/Faculty, you should always contact the professors concerned directly and ask them to be able to attend their course. In this case, if you need any information, we kindly ask you to provide us at least the codes of the courses and the names of the professors, otherwise we won’t be able to help.
You can also choose exams from other departments, but we strongly recommend that you take at least one exam in our department of Social and Economic Sciences.

Don't forget to fill in the Student Opinion (OPIS) questionnaire available on Infostud for each of the courses you attend before taking each exam. It is anonymous, it is mandatory and it is required to improve services and training courses.

In order to take the exams, the chosen course must be searched for and booked through INFOSTUD. The exam sessions are scheduled for the month of JUNE / JULY; the lessons will end at the end of May.

If you decide to attend online lectures and go back to your country before the end of the mobility period, you have to inform me and send me the boarding pass or train ticket in order to provide proof of your return.
In order to close your Erasmus mobility (at the end of the mobility period):
1. You must inform the exact date when you intend to depart to your country
2. You must send me a copy of the boarding pass or train ticket (not the booking slip).
3. After receiving this document, I will send you the Certificate of Attendance.
If at the moment of your return/end of your Erasmus mobility, the exams have been already uploaded on infostud, I will send you the Transcripts of records otherwise I will send you it later. 


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