Matriculate in SMFN

Degree courses with no restrictions on the number of admissions:
For the 2020-2021 academic year, it is possible to enroll without taking an entrance test in September. A possible knowledge check, if necessary, will take place in March (see details in the announcement)
Further details on registrations can be found on the Sapienza website

This procedure applies to the following degree programs:

L-27 Chemical Sciences
L-30 Physics
L-32 Environmental Sciences
L-32 Natural Sciences
L-34 Geological Sciences
L-35 Mathematics
L-43 Technologies for the Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage

Degree programs with restricted access:

Admission is subject to passing a TOLC-B selective test, an online test coordinated nationally by CISIA. More detailed information on procedures and dates will be published on the call.

Our restricted access to Bachelor's Degrees are:

L-2 Agro-Industrial Biotechnology (260 places)
L-13 Biological Sciences (400 places)
For more information on TOLC-B and how to prepare for it

Limited access master's degree courses:
The enrollment of students for the year 2020-2021 is subject to participation in a comparative assessment of qualifications and possible interviews. For details and deadlines, see the calls

Master's degree courses with no restrictions on the access number:
Enrollment requires verification of curricular requirements and personal preparation. For details and deadlines, see the call

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