The Professor-Student Joint Committee:

The Joint Commission (teachers-students) is responsible for carrying out activities for monitoring the training offer and the quality of teaching, as well as the student service activity by the teaching staff. The Commission provides support to the University Evaluation Unit for the preparation of an annual report of the Faculty's activities and identifies indicators for the evaluation of results; formulates opinions on the activation and termination of study courses, reporting any malfunctions and making proposals in this regard.

Grilli Marco (President)

Component Teacher

  • Cavallaro Guido
  • Ciccioli Andrea
  • De Iaco Antonella
  • Di Bella Letizia
  • Grilli Marco (Presidente)
  • Vitale Marcello

Student Component

  • Cedroni Luisa 
  • Del Vecchio Andrea
  • Lorenzi Lucrezia Beatrice
  • Malandrino Sergio
  • Marengo Luca
  • Serafini Mattia

CPDS activity summary report 2016/2019

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