Giovanni Batignani "Capturing Ultrafast Dynamics in Biomolecules and Condensed Matter via Nonlinear Spectroscopy" Dip. Fisica [CHIAMATA]

Wednesday, January 10, 2024 - 12:00

Mercoledì 10 gennaio alle ore 12:00 in aula Rasetti, presso il Dipartimento di Fisica si terrà il seminario del vincitore del concorso RTT  02/B1 SETTORE SCIENTIFICO-DISCIPLINARE FIS/03 

Abstract: Tracking out-of-equilibrium dynamics at the atomic scale stands as a formidable challenge in condensed matter and molecular physics, with far-reaching implications across multiple fields, including photovoltaics, nanoscience, and ultrafast photonics. These events commonly unfold within the sub-picosecond timescale of nuclear motions and span across diverse electronic and vibrational degrees of freedom. The natural hindrance in understanding their fundamental nature lies in the simultaneous demand for temporal and spectral resolutions, two key requirements that are mutually compromised due to the Fourier limit. In this presentation we will discuss how nonlinear Raman techniques disclose the chance for circumventing such restrictions, enabling access to vibrational spectroscopy on femtosecond realms. We will illustrate how experimental nonlinear Raman spectroscopy supported by suitable theoretical models can provide comprehensive insights into ultrafast photo-physics. Illustrative examples encompassing both molecular and solid-state compounds, ranging from organic biomolecules to perovskites, will be discussed.

Per coloro che fossero impossibilitati ad essere presenti vi è la possibilità di seguire tramite il collegamento zoom dell'aula.

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