Joint teacher-student commission

Function: The Commission carries out the following activities:
- monitoring activities regarding the course catalogue and the quality of teaching as well as offering services to students;
- identifying indicators to evaluate the results of the above-mentioned activities;
- formulating opinions concerning the activation and suppression of courses;
- report malfunctions and make corrective proposals.
The professors who make up the Joint Commission are appointed by the Faculty Assembly, representing the individual levels, from those who have carried out official teaching activities in the previous three years and who have been positively evaluated. The students in the commission are elected according to Faculty regulations
Typology: Statutory Body
Composition: Lecturers and students
Prof.ssa Esterina Pascale  Presidente
Prof.ssa Maria Elisa Crestoni
Prof.ssa Roberta Chiaraluce
Prof.ssa Maria Helena Stabile
Prof.ssa Maria Rosa Ciardi
Prof. Alberto Macone
Ms. Giorgia Dini - student representative
Mr.. Tommaso Bubbico - student representative
Mr. Rahul Saroy - student representative
Ms. Giulia Ferrara - student representative
Mr. Danilo Nucifora - student representative
Ms. Rosa Coppola - student representative

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