Degree Courses and Masters Degree Courses in the Pharmacy Area

The degree courses in this area represent the ideal choice for those interested in ​​working in a laboratory, designing new molecules or new methods of analysis and managing complex instruments. They are also ideal for those who emphasize the importance of human contact and so opt to work closely with the public in a pharmacy. The scientific bases and the theoretical and practical preparation provided in the courses make Pharmacy area graduates indispensable not only in the field of innovation, production, control and dispensation of drugs, but also in many other sectors: dietary cosmetic and herbal products, diagnostic and chemical-clinical products, medical-surgical aids, sanitary devices. Generally graduates find employment quickly in private companies (pharmacies, wholesale distribution of medicines, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and special food industries, agricultural, industrial, medical or veterinary companies, scientific information on drugs, waste disposal plants. etc.) and in the public administration (ministries, local authorities, local health authorities, hospitals, secondary schools, universities, research institutes). The professional profile of graduates in pharmaceutical courses is that of a healthcare provider who, through their multidisciplinary scientific and technological skills, contributes to the achievement of the objectives of the national health service in responding adequately to the changing needs of society in the health field. The essential characteristics required for these degree courses include curiosity and creativity, having critical judgment and a spirit of observation, dedication to study and above all pleasure in participating! Students require the basic notions of mathematics and physics for their course of study especially in the early years; a mastery of the Italian language and a good knowledge of English in order to be able to more easily interpret the contents of scientific texts.

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