FAQ BCs in Bioinformatics

Is the BCs in Bioinformatics entirely in English?
Yes, including the admission test.

I can speak English, but I do not have a certificate (B2 etc...). Can I register for the admission test? 
Yes, as stated in the call, your English level will be assessed implicitly by accomplishing the English TOLC test.

What is Bioinformatics used for? 
Bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary field developing methods, software tools and models for understanding biological data, in particular when data sets are large and complex. As an interdisciplinary field, Bioinformatics combines Biology, Computer Science, Information Engineering, Mathematics and Statistics to analyze and interpret biological data. 

What about the career perspectives for a Bioinformatician?
After having graduated, you can get a job in private Biotech companies and medical or scientific institutions. On the other hand, it is possible to go ahead with a Master degree in Bioinformatics. Several Master programs in Bioinformatics exist in Italy and around the world.

Can I enter the job market with a BcS Bioinformatics degree?
Yes, several companies and private or public scientific institutions and hospitals are investing in Bioinformatics, hiring young bioinformaticians.

Which textbooks are suitable for preparing the admission test?
No specific book is available for the admission test. The latter is focused on high school level questions in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Where can I find old admission tests?
Previous admission tests are not publicly available.

Does the course offer the chance of an Erasmus stage?
Yes, of course. We recently established exchange agreements with Universities offering courses of interest to Bioinformatics students (i.e. Barcellona, Saragozza and Leuwen).

Where can I find additional info?
You can write to the course manager Dr. Maria Carbone maria.carbone@uniroma1.it

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