Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Programmes of the 2023-2024 academic year

Classics L-10  32359
Communication and Interpretation in Italian Sign Language (LIS and LISt) L-11  31912
Philosophy L-5  30850
Philosophy and Artificial Intelligence L-5  31774
Global Humanities L-42  32362
Literature Music Performing Arts L-10  30851
Classics L-10  29946
Modern humanities L-10  31812
Oriental languages and civilizations L-11  32360
Languages, Cultures, Literature, Translation L-11  31813
Intercultural and Linguistic Mediation L-12  29950
Archaeological Sciences L-1  29943
Sustainable Tourism Sciences L-15  32361
Fashion studies L-3  30849
Geographical Sciences for environment and health L-6  29402
History, Anthropology, Religions L-42  31276
Studies in Art History L-1  31268
Theater, Film and Media L-3  31806
Archaeology LM-2  29953
Archive and Library Theory and Management LM-19  28692
Cultural Heritage in the Near and Middle East and in Africa LM-2  31177
Cultures and Religions LM-64  32363
Ethno-Anthropological Sciences LM-1  30434
Publishing and Writing Industry LM-19  29956
English and Anglo-American Studies LM-37  30436
Fashion studies LM-65  31294
Modern Philology LM-14  31823
Philology, literatures and history of the ancient world LM-15  31280
Philosophy LM-78  31299
Territory's management and enhancement LM-80  29966
Oriental Languages and Cultures LM-36  31287
Linguistics LM-39  29961
Mediterranean Archaeology LM-2  31821
Musicology LM-45  29962
Linguistic, Literary and Translation Studies LM-37  30435
Historical Studies LM-84  29967
Media production studies and performing arts LM-65  30854
Art History LM-89  29968

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