Corsi di specializzazione

Specialisation Schools

Postgraduate courses are open to master's graduates to provide them with knowledge and skills suitable to practise peculiar professional activities as well as with the relating qualifications.
Such courses are only held for the performance of activities and fields for which a professional qualification is expressly provided for by the Italian law. Upon completion of the programme, students are issued a postgraduate diploma. Specialisation Schools as well have adopted new regulations providing for the acquisition of ECTS and a correlation between educational activities and scientific disciplinary sectors. To obtain the diploma, students have to pass the prescribed exams and acquire a number of ECTS proportional to the duration of the programme and established by the school’s regulations.


13412 -  Archaeological Heritage
13952 -  Archive and Library Heritage
15867 -  Demo-ethno-anthropological Heritage
13414 -  Artistic and Historic Heritage

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