SAP Courses

The Lifelong Learning System (SAP), promoted and managed by the Digilab Centre, consists of in-person courses, mainly in evenings and on Saturdays, and when possible in blended e-learning. It is a bridge between theoretical knowledge and professional and pre-professional skills and it is divided into various educational sectors, provided to those who wish to improve their knowledge and skills for the cultural and working environment of the everchanging networked society.

The educational method is based on the broad paradigm of “communication and enhancement” of cultural resources for the production of new forms of knowledge and experience; it is therefore based on the teachers’ high professional standards but also on collaboration between trainees, experimentation, and laboratory activities.

SAP Courses are open to graduates and non-graduates, while the Advanced Training Courses are for graduates only. The non-formal courses are aimed at high-school graduates, Sapienza graduates, professors, technicians, administrative and auxiliary staff, as well as to teachers and professionals or job seekers aiming to short and intensive professional or cultural training.

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