Population Europe Launches New Website and Blog

Giovedì, 17 Dicembre, 2015

Population Europe Launches New Website and Blog – An upgrade to reflect the network’s growth

Population Europe has a new website (www.population-europe.eu), and it’s better than ever. With a redesigned interface and several new features, it is testament to a network ever-evolving to meet the needs of its partners and connect leading population and policy experts with the wider public.

Regular visitors will first notice a more modern look. Resources are more clearly arranged and more accessible. Researchers: browse job offers, news, and the latest research. Stakeholders: easily locate information on upcoming events. Journalists: quickly find Policy Briefs, Pop Digests, Population Insights, or any of Population Europe’s other singular media resources. Search for them all by resource or simply browse by topic. The upgrade is more than superficial, though: the new website is faster, easier to use, and more service-oriented. “Our network is growing and exploring new frontiers for our partners, and we wanted an interface that reflected that dynamism,” explains Isabel Robles Salgado, Project Coordinator for Population Europe’s Information Centre.

As part of this relaunch, Population Europe also introduced a new blog Population & Policy Bites. One of the first posts were James W. Vaupel’s insights into the “rush-hour-of-life”, that time when we launch our careers and our families simultaneously. Vaupel concludes that “even if reconciliation of work and family has been improved (…), parents need to worry that they will miss out on career opportunities, if they take advantage of leave policies.” Going forward, the blog will serve as a dais for other leading experts to comment on developments in migration, fertility, families, aging, work life, pensions, social, and public health policies.

Population Europe is the Network of Europe’s Leading Demographic Research Centres. Information about those centres and the researchers who drive them can be easily found on the new website.

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