Welcome to the Department MEMOTEF

The Department of Methods and Models for Economics, Territory and Finance has as its mission the creation of an advanced scientific research context, both nationally and internationally, based on the integration of methods, tools and approaches aimed at multidisciplinary conceptual description and the analysis of economic phenomena, land management and to support decisions in the financial sector. It promotes and coordinates research activities on the following topics: probability theory and statistical modelling; mathematical models, statistical and computational economics, finance and insurance; methods for social research, population and policy analysis; methods for linguistic research, languages ​​and foreign cultures; economic and spatial analysis; economic history and regional studies.

There are two courses pertaining to the Department of Science: "Finance and Insurance" and "Tourism and management of environmental resources" and is home to the PhD in Models for Economics and Finance. The Department conducts extra-university training activities and cooperates with several public and private institutions.

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