Coworking Area

The Coworking SAPeri&Co. The Coworking SAperi&Co is a place for different knowledge fields to meet, where students, researchers, professors and entrepreneurs can work and discuss. The area of about 100 sqm is organized as an open multifunctional space with 20 workstations, 16 pcs, Wi-Fi, projector and an IWB. Every workstation can be reserved by time, although the entire room can be fully booked for hosting activities of dissemination and communication of research, in line with SAPeri&Co’s mission.
The Coworking SAPeri&Co is a “facilitator” place because of the creation of communities, interaction, co-participation and inclusion among expertise, fosters multidisciplinary approaches and aims to become an incubator of research and innovation

16 workstations 1 meeting table

projector Wi - Fi


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