Fab Lab SAPeri&Co

The Fab Lab SAPeri&Co is a workshop and an applied research centre focused on advanced digital manufacturing technologies and innovative production process. The centre is equipped with advanced fabrication machines and hosts multidisciplinary expertise. The Fab Lab Saperi&Co enhances research activities and development, training and technological transfer. Its philosophy roots in the open philosophy, it promotes the use of open source tools and furthers sharing as a fundamental means for social and cultural sustainable development. In the Fab Lab Saperi&Co, someone can find both analogical and digital tools, according to the Fab Foundation’s definition:

digital tools, tools for digital fabrication like 3d printers, laser cutters and engravers, CNC milling among many other tools for rapid prototyping, like thermoforming machines, heat press, laminator, calender, rotary cutters, equipped workstations for electronics (4 channel oscilloscope; digital multimeter, soldering station, and more). The Fab Lab Saperi&Co includes a specific workshop room with various tools and machines for finishing, assembling and dismantling objects.
interactive tools, CAD stations for 2d/3d modelling, 3d scanners, augmented and virtual reality systems.

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