"HYLOCENE" by MaterialDesignLab

The MaterialDesignPoint is a material library that collects a reasoned selection made up of materials, largely still experimental; production processes, essentially creative; products and projects resulting from the collaboration between universities, companies, research centres and designers in general, to create innovation and technology transfer starting from the material.

The MaterialDesignPoint is different from the other existing material libraries. Its aim is not only to facilitate access to information relating to materials and production processes to create links between researchers, producers and potential users, but it explores and interprets open and actual issues - Connectivity, Eco Responsibility, Empathy - to promote research knowledge, which, if not applied, will remain unknown to most.

The MaterialDesignPoint proposes a fluid and non-deterministic cataloguing of materials, leaving free space for the processes of inspiration and the creation of hybrid and transdisciplinary interconnections in the whole spirit of Saperi&Co's mission.

The MaterialDesignPoint is a project created by the MaterialDesignLab research laboratory of the PDTA Department of the Sapienza University of Rome.


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