SAPeri&Co is a project promoted by Sapienza University of Rome, whose aim is to constitute a comprehensive infrastructure of Research, Innovation and Education, following the European model of Research Infrastructures, to support:

multidisciplinary knowledge and expertise;
linnovation and technological transfer;
the collaboration between the Academia and the productive fabric;
the creation of new entrepreneurship;
the enhancement of Sapienza’s excellence and values, both nationally and internationally;
a collaborative network of laboratories from different University Departments.


    SAPeri&Co. is a research and service infrastructure of the Sapienza University of Rome, whose aim is to promote outstanding applied research and to support innovation by offering a variety of services to companies and industries. SAPeri&Co. is organized as a hub model that connects different laboratories and expertise. The headquarter is located inside the main University Campus, inside the building Palazzina Tumminelli.

    SAPeri&Co. Headquarter hosts the following facilities:

    Lab on demand

    The center has also a Material Point, the materials’ library designed by MaterialdesignLab, a laboratory with a strong focus on design product innovation through innovative materials. The Material Point provides information and promotes experimental approaches to new materials. It has a special section specialized on patent or production-developing materials along with a small library of related books.

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