ERASMUS + Learning Mobility (Key Action 1)

Erasmus + offers students the opportunity to study at a European University participating in the Program for up to 12 months within each cycle of studies (Bachelor's, Master's and PhD).

The Faculty of Sciences MFN publishes every year, around the month of February, a call for mobility for study purposes. The specific details on how to benefit from an Erasmus + grant are indicated in the Call itself.

Erasmus calls and the relative rankings are available in the following section.

Erasmus language courses for outgoing students

Language courses Erasmus departures second semester



The new Erasmus + 2020/2021 Call for the Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences is online.

The call will be active from 13 January to 04 March 2020.
The new call provides for important mobility opportunities also within the European Civis Alliance, of which Sapienza is a partner.
CIVIS "A European Civic University" is funded by the European Union and has been active since 1 October 2019, together with the universities of:


A reserve of 10% of the total contributions will be allocated, as a priority, to the mobility of students applying for the aforementioned universities.
The amount of Erasmus + contributions in support of mobility for study 2020-2021, can reach up to 800 euros per month, which can be graduated according to the student's Isee.
The new Call will be illustrated during the event to be held in the Aula Magna on Thursday 16th January together with the details of the application, the Erasmus Program and the new CIVIS opportunities.
Program of the day - link - Link streaming event



Dipartimento Giorno Ora Luogo Locandina
Biologia Ambientale 03/02/2020 12.00 Aula C - Dipartimento di Biologia Ambientale pdf
Biologia e Biotecnologie "Charles Darwin"        
Chimica 23 gennaio 2020 12.30 aula III, IV piano edificio CU032 (NEC) pdf
Scienze della Terra        


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