On Monday, June 20 4:30 pm at the Aula Magna in the Rectorate Building (Piazzale Aldo Moro 5, Rome), Sapienza University and the Sapienza Foundation will host the 2016 ceremony for the presentation of awards and scholarships assigned to the best and most meritorious students

The Sapienza Foundation’s institutional objective is to promote studying and research, assigning scholarships and awards to students and graduates who excel in their university programmes, and incentivise excellent results, including awards in memory of Manuel Castello, Emanuela Schiavo, Luigi Spaventa, Fernando Vianello and  Giovan Battista Baroni.

The awards ceremony will be opened by Sapienza Rector Eugenio Gaudio and the President of the Sapienza Foundation Antonello Biagini. Professor Natalino Irti will hold a short lecture on “Reflections on Technique.”

Moreover, to celebrate of the 70th Anniversary of the Italian Republic and of universal suffrage female, a honorary “Noi Sapienza Alumni Association” member title will be conferred to three women who graduated from Sapienza University of Rome during the Second World War.

Furthermore, an award will be presented to the IceCream Team, the students and researchers, who recently won the Global Award Competition promoted by NASA’s “International Space Apps Challenge 2016” in the Galactic Impact category.

The ceremony will be end with a concert performance by MuSa.

To participate in the awards ceremony please register by Friday, June 17.

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