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Kick-off Event


On May 31st, 2023, the kick-off event of the project FRED2 took place, attended by significant institutional figures.
During the morning, the Minister for European Affairs, the South, Cohesion Policies, and the PNRR, Hon. Raffaele Fitto, opened the presentation conference stating that "the exchange of skills and knowledge that the 'FRED2' project aims to

foster is another opportunity for growth and improvement of our strategy for preventing and combating illicit activities harmful to the financial interests of Europe. It allows us to approach the complex work involved in the use of PNRR

resources with renewed confidence, ensuring it is truly effective and beneficial for our country, as well as being inspired by the protection of the principle of legality and compliance with the rules."

"The project presented today," added Rector Antonella Polimeni, "marks Sapienza's commitment to strengthen collaboration with anti-fraud authorities and some European university institutions. It is important to network so that the skills,

services offered, research, and training activities are best used to promote compliance with the rules in every aspect of everyone's daily life."


   Subsequently, Dr. Ugo Liberatore, Manager for the General Inspectorate for the PNRR and Dr. Stefano Screpanti, Commander of the Guardia di Finanza Unit for the repression of frauds

   against the European Union, took word.


   During his speech, the Dean of the Faculty of Economics, Prof. Fabrizio D’Ascenzo, emphasized how "the FRED2 project is based on a solid foundation of collaboration, firstly within Sapienza between the Master

   in Euro-project Planning and the Impresapiens Research Center - identified as 'the primary subject' in this initiative - and that has progressively involved various external entities, particularly the Department of European Policies."


   Finally, the Director of the Impresapiens Research Center, Prof. Andrea Rocchi, recalled that "the Master in Euro-project Planning at Sapienza has been a healthy carrier of skills for 15 years through training activities dedicated to

  managing, proposing, and organizing European projects, becoming a national point of reference." "The FRED project," he concluded, "is the result of a long effort that aims to continue as a chain composed of research,

  investigation, and training."



The afternoon session of the FRED2 presentation event concluded with speeches by PO Nick Heilegger, Prof. Vanni Resta, the Coordinator of the Technical Secretariat Col. Cruciano Cruciani, and representatives from foreign and Italian partner universities and foreign AFCOS.