Can you give me more information about the programme regulations?

Can you give me more information about the programme regulations?

The Master’s degree in Nanotechnology Engineering (also valid for the achievement of double degree in cooperation with the Universidad Central de Venezuela) is taught both in Italian and English. Students can choose between:

  • Study plan A: mostly taught in Italian
  •  Study plan B: dedicated to international students, mostly taught in English

Both study plans are articulated as follows:

I) 8 mandatory subjects (72 CFU)
II) 1 subject to be chosen among a group of optional teachings (6 CFU)
III) 2 subjects to be chosen from another group of teachings (12 CFU)
IV) Other optional subjects (12 CFU): typology D
VI) Thesis (17 CFU): typology E
VI) Other learning activities provided to facilitate work placement (1 CFU): typology F

Some courses are organized – for reasons of cultural and educational coherence – accordingly with the formula of Didactic Integrated Unities (UDI: course composed by two or more single courses, with a unique global average grade). Each UDI corresponds to a single exam.

Among the activities mentioned at point VI) are included all extra activities which have been previously approved by the Area Council and certified either by the President or by professors indicated by the same Council.
To compile their study plan, students are invited to consult the guidelines published here:

With the purpose of guaranteeing as much flexibility as possible, students are also allowed to compile a personalized study plan without following all the course guidelines. However, this option can be applied exceptionally in case of specific cultural reasons which must be clarified by the student and evaluated by the Area Council. In any case, such plan must be established in conformity with the academic regulations of this degree course.