Guidelines for Graduation

Guidelines for Graduation
Faculty of Civil and Industrial Engineering


Here you can find all the main information concerning your graduation application.



Graduands are students who, by the submission date of the degree application, have acquired 96% (rounded down) of the ECTS provided for by their degree programme, except those provided for the final exam (unless otherwise provided for by each faculty).

Online graduation application

-The request for graduation must be presented online through the Infostud system. A tutorial with all the instructions is available here:

-In order to present a graduation application, you need to have activated your university e-mail account. If you haven’t done it, go to the dedicated page Once you submit the application, you are automatically registered for the selected graduation session.

- The graduation application will have to be accepted by your thesis coordinator and by your educational affairs office. Approvals by the thesis coordinator and the educational affairs office may also take place after the deadline for sending the application.

- You can check the status of your application directly on Infostud.

Tuition fees and tax stamps

-Students graduating in March 2023 must pay only the first and second instalment of the fee.  Students graduating in other sessions must pay the whole fee (first, second and third instalment).

-To proceed with the application, remember to print the receipt of the graduation request, corresponding to a tax stamps of 32,00 €. To print it, log in Infostud and click on: BACHELOR’S AND MASTER’S DEGREE PROGRAMMES/ TUITION FEES/ FINAL EXAM. Then proceed to payment. To print the fee slip go on Infostud> DEGREE PROGRAMME > FINAL EXAM> GRADUATION APPLICATION. To pay the tax stamps, use one of the methods indicated on this page

-When the payment has been received and register by the bank institute, the online procedure for graduation is normally activated. For such reason, students are invited to make the payment at least 72 hours before the deadline.


In order to start the graduation request online, students must have passed all the exams. Deadline extensions will not be allowed. N.B. If some exams have been passed and still do not result registered on Infostud, students can compile and attach this module to the rest of the document required (office stamp is not necessary):

Withdrawal of a graduation request

After having submitted the application, if you decide to change session you can use the revoke function on Infostud. Please note that this operation is irreversible and once revoked you can only graduate in a following session. After this moment, neither the thesis coordinator nor the educational affairs office can change it. Your thesis coordinator may also cancel your request, if appropriate. To graduate in the next session you will have to submit a new application on Infostud.

Cancellation of a graduate application

The Cancel function is used to cancel an application that has already been sent and to submit a new one for the same session. This can only be done before the deadline.


The following deadlines refer to the submission of the online request for graduation. Subsequent phases of the request may be processed afterwards in accordance with each course’s specific working timetable.

Early graduation

Students may graduate one session in advance, provided that they have been expressly authorised by the Director of the degree programme to take in advance single exams and by the Faculty Board to take the final exam (resolution of the Academic Senate of November 22, 2005). The most deserving students who have obtained from the faculty the authorisation to take exams in advance and who have passed them with an average grade equal to 29/30 may take the final exam one year earlier (resolution of the Academic Senate of December 15, 2009). Students who apply for early graduation must pay at all events the tuition fees for the final year.




Master’s degrees


Graduation dates

Request period


11 to 27 March 2024

From January 29th to February 20th 2024


6 to 31 May 2024

From March 11th to April 15th 2024


10 to 31 July 2024

From May 31st to June 28th 2024


7 to  31 October 2024

From August 19th to September 13th 2024


7 to 31 January 2025

From November 4th to December 29th 2024


Information required for the graduation application

  • Thesis supervisor: mandatory
  • Thesis title: mandatory
  • Subject: mandatory
  • Co-supervisor: optional
  • External advisor: optional


Documents required (to be uploaded as .pdf files)

Type of document




Valid ID



If not already uploaded on Infostud

Health Insurance Card or Fiscal Code



If not already uploaded on Infostud

Receipt of the compiled “Almalaurea” questionnaire



It must be signed

Upload in .pdf of the thesis



Verify if your degree course requires the upload of the thesis

“Undertaken exams” declaration



If one or more exams haven’t been registered on Infostud yet

Study plan/list of exams



If one or more exams haven’t been registered on Infostud yet

Validation module for exams undertaken abroad



If one or more exams haven’t been registered on Infostud yet

High school diploma




Certifications related to practical activities including the final lab of 300 hours



Only mandatory for Construction Engineering/Architecture students

Certifications related to internships, computer tests and extra didactic activities



If they are still not registered on Infostud


Deadline for the upload of the thesis

The thesis must be uploaded at least 7 days before the effective date of graduation.

All students enrolled in a Master’s degree courses, Old Order and DM 509/99 must necessarily upload their thesis on Infostud.

Sapienza logo for thesis

The download of the Sapienza logo and all the graphic instructions for the layout of the thesis are available at the web page

Degree certificate

The degree certificate must be collected at the Student Office. Graduates will be communicated by email (at the institutional email address) when the degree certificate is available for collection. In case of loss, it is possible to request a duplicate by submitting an application on stamped paper to the Student Office of one’s degree programme (either to the front desk or by means of registered letter with return receipt), together with a valid ID document and the loss report or a self-certification. The Student Office will issue an authorisation to pay a € 75 fee, to be submitted to the Bursar’s Office of the university.

Note on the festivities

At the moment, due to the Covid-19 situation, we remind students that any kind of gathering in the university buildings is forbidden. We invite students and relatives to keep the safety distance of at least one meter, to always wear the mask and to frequently sanitize their hands. We also remind students to report to relatives and friends who will attend the graduation session that it is strictly forbidden to disturb during and after the graduation ceremony. Moreover:

  • the throwing of confetti is forbidden in any area of the university.
  • it is forbidden to dirty or damage places, furnishings or property.