The minimum score for the final examination grade is represented by the degree average established by the Faculty, expressed in 110ths and truncated to the first decimal, after adding a bonus contribution equal to: number of exams passed with a grade of “30 cum Laude”/ 3.

The thesis supervisor and co-supervisor express their judgement on the final dissertation considering these aspects:

  • original and / or significant individual contributions
  • overall assessment of the work performed
  • quality and clarity in writing and reporting data

Moreover, the committee will evaluate the candidate on these aspects during the thesis defence:

  • quality and clarity of the presentation
  • mastery of the problem as it emerges from the presentation and discussion
  • completeness of argumentation, from the state of the art to the conclusions.

At the end of the dissertation, the committee can add a maximum of 9 points to the starting degree grade. The final grade is equal to the sum of the starting grade and the points obtained during the dissertation. On average, number of points awarded by the commission is equal to 5. See file

Scores equal to or higher than 113 give access to the degree grade of “110 with honours” (cum Laude). The concession of the laude is a prerogative of the committee, and must be decided unanimously.