Calendario 2019-2020

Seminari CRiN e Neurobiologia


Venerdì, 8 Novembre, 2019

Venerdì 8 Novembre 2019, ore 11:00

Thomas Bourgeron (Human Genetics and Cognitive Functions Institut Pasteur, Paris, France)

"The genetics of autism from risk to resilience"


The genetic architecture of autism can be different from one individual to the other. It is framed by a complex combination of common and rare variants. The previous studies...

Mercoledì, 30 Ottobre, 2019
Mercoledì 30 Ottobre 2019, ore 13.00
Dr. Andrea Fuso (Dip. Medicina Sperimentale Università di Roma La Sapienza)

"non-CpGmethylationisaliveand kicking-from the technique to the neurodegeneration"

Aula Monesi...

Mercoledì, 6 Novembre, 2019

6 Novembre 2019, ore 14.00

Bianca A. Silva (Ecole polytechnique federale de Lausanne, Faculty of Science)

"Brain circuits of remote fear memory extinction"

Auletta Seminari (Edificio ex Fisiologia Generale, Sapienza Università di Roma)

Martedì, 12 Novembre, 2019

12 Novembre 2019, ore 14.00

Egidio D'Angelo (Human Brain Project Scientific Board Dept. of Brain and Behavioral Sciences University of Pavia)

"Cerebellar control of brain functions: insights from multiscale investigation and modeling"

Abstract: Recent research is showing an extended role of cerebellum in controlling brain functioning . The cerebellum,...

Lunedì, 28 Ottobre, 2019

28 Ottobre 2019, ore 14.00

Sebastian Lewandowski (Royal Institute of Technology, KTH, SciLifeLab Karolinska Institutet Stockholm, Sweden)

"The vascular brain, how perivascular fibroblasts contribute to sporadic ALS neurodegeneration"

For decades, ALS has been defined (and diagnosed) based on symptoms of rapid, age-dependent degeneration of motor neurons. Recent evidence, however, suggests that this symptomology often fails to include complex input from...

Martedì, 24 Settembre, 2019




 “Combinatorial Creatures:  Cortical plasticity within and across lifetimes.”


Leah Krubitzer (Center for Neuroscience Department of Psychology University of California, Davis, CA USA)




Venerdì, 27 Settembre, 2019

27 Settembre 2019, ore 12.00

Guy Poirier (Università Laval- Quebec Canada)

"Role of Poly(ADP-ribose) metabolism in DNA repair and Cancer"


Lunedì, 16 Settembre, 2019

16 Settembre 2019, ore 15.00

Francesca Cacucci (Department of Neuroscience, Physiology and Pharmacology, UCL London, UK)

"The role of sensory inputs in generating and sustaining cognitive maps...

Venerdì, 6 Settembre, 2019

6 Settembre 2019, ore 11.00

 Danny Reinberg (Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology NYU School of Medicine, New York, NY, USA http://...

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