Multidisciplinary workshop with guests Stefano Marzano, Past-Director of the Philips Design Center and Reon Brand, Strategic-Analyst of Philips, which involved 5 Sapienza doctorates with the aim of stimulating critical awareness and strategic reflection through co-design activities, for imagine anticipating strategies and solutions (products, processes, services) aimed at "rebuilding" the lost links between man and nature, technology and ecology. The results will be new systems of life and models of regenerative technological and socio-economic development based on new approaches to ecology and perspectives of systemic change towards preferable futures.

The results of Biovision's activities - a path that began in 2021 with the roundtable Biovision of the Future 1> Discuss life through design and continued with the seminar Biovision of the Future 2> Changing life through design - will be presented to international companies and political authorities.


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