Saperi&Co presents:The Mummy of Ramses. The immortal pharaoh

Saperi&Co is pleased to present the exhibition

The Mummy of Rameses. The immortal pharaoh

February 9 - June 14, 2023 | MOEV Museum and Saperi&Co

Sapienza University of Rome


The watchword of the exhibition is: Forbidden not to touch!

The exhibition - which brings together the results of the research project winner of the Third Mission 2022 SAPeri&Antichità tender entrusted by the Sapienza University of Rome to the scientific responsibility of the Saperi&Co Research and Services Center - involved an exceptional research team, which involved different such as Design, the Sciences of Antiquity and the History of Economics, proposing an approach capable of going beyond the individual disciplines to generate a new and interesting point of observation of the Sciences of Antiquity.

In particular, thanks to the ability to envision and synthesise design, past and present are projected into a new space-time dimension capable of promoting learning and knowledge processes at various levels, updating and repositioning the effects of ancient history up to here I'm.

Using the tools of design such as storytelling, three-dimensional reproduction, interpretation through the Material Experience of the aesthetic-expressive potential of artifacts, an original exploratory, active and "immersive" experience was imagined, which promises a particular emotional involvement thanks to the unprecedented interaction of the five senses with usually "untouchable" finds, starting from touch to smell and hearing.

The exhibition, whose contents are curated by prof Nigro's research team, will be exhibited inside the university city and simultaneously at the Expo space of the Saperi&Co Center.


Promoting Commitee
Fabio Attore
Paola Buzi
Sabrina Lucibello
Daria Montanari
Lorenzo Nigro
Giorgio Piras

Scientific Commitee
Paola Buzi
Francesco M. Benedettucci
Rita Francia
Sabrina Lucibello
Daria Montanari
Lorenzo Nigro
Teresa Rinaldi
Donatella Strangio

Saperi&Co | Lorena Trebbi
Museo VOEM | Sharon Sabatini

Exhibition setup
Daria Montanari
Sharon Sabatini
Luciano Fattore
Lorena Trebbi
Riccardo Martufi
Behnoosh Nejat
Francesco Maria Benedettucci



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