The School every year  awards a  scholarship to the first candidate on the consolidated admission list. The amount is normally €6,715.00 per year, paid in 2 instalments and for the duration of the school.

In addition, from the academic year 2022-2023, the School will announce up to four  "Marcello Barbanera" scholarships for interdisciplinary research and/or laboratory activities in synergy with Fondazione Sapienza. The call for applications is published on the Sapienza Foundation website.


The first two 'Marcello Barbanera' scholarships were awarded to Dr Filomena Bisceglia and Dr Lorenzo Rogliano respectively.
Bisceglia's project "Communicating and disseminating the Cencelle excavation at the Rebibbia Complex" presents, according to the commission appointed by the President of the Sapienza Foundation Prof. Eugenio Gaudio, excellent features of originality and interdisciplinarity, with a high social value, central themes in the activities of Prof. M. Barbanera. Dr. Rogliano's research - "The Digital Communication of the Museum of Etruscan and Italic Antiquities - Sapienza Museum Pole" is original, feasible, and presents excellent interdisciplinary features, which are fully in line with the cultural lines dear to Prof. M. Barbanera, long-time President of the Museum Pole.

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