Academic Staff

Altogether, the School boasts almost forty fellows, mostly professors at Sapienza. The scientific areas offered cover a wide chronological span, and several subjects - from prehistory to the Middle Ages, from archaeology to the legislation of cultural heritage - and range geographically from Europe to Asia and Africa.

Name Contact Subjects
Andresen, Alexandra Planning and management of temporary events
Annoscia, Giorgia Maria Medieval epigraphy
Balossi Restelli, Francesca Prehistoric and protohistoric archeology in western Asia
Billi, Eliana Restoration
Buzi, Paola Egyptology and coptic antiques
Calandra, Elena Legislation of Cultural Heritage
Cardarelli, Andrea European and Mediterranean Protohistory
Coen, Paolo
Conati Barbaro, Cecilia Prehistoric ecology | Public archaeology
D'Alessio, Maria Teresa Methodology of the archaeological research
D'Andrea, Marta Cultural Heritage and Archaeology of the Ancient Near East
David, Max Victor Late antique religious world archaeology
Del Ferro, Sergio Settlements and landscape in the Middle Ages
Di Cesare, Michelina Islamic archaeology
Di Lernia, Savino Cultural heritage and archaeology in Africa
Empler, Tommaso Multimedia and Interactive Experience
Falcucci, Claudio Archaeometry. Physical Methods for Cultural Heritage
Galli, Marco Archaeology of the roman provinces
Guizzi, Francesco Epigraphy and Greek / Roman antiques
Lo Monaco, Annalisa Greek and Roman Archeology and History of Art
Lo Muzio, Ciro Indian and Central Asian art history and archaeology
Manzi, Giorgio Human paleontology
Michetti, Laura Maria Archaeology of the Pre-Roman Italy | Etruscology and Italic Antiquities
Migliorati, Luisa Ancient topography and cartography | Ancient and aerial archaeological topography
Milli, Salvatore Geoarcheology
Mori, Lucia History of the Ancient Near East
Nigro, Lorenzo Cultural Heritage and Archaeology of the Ancient Near East
Nizzo, Valentino Communication for archaeological heritage
Orlandi, Silvia Epigraphy and Greek / Roman antiques
Polosa, Annalisa Numismatics
Recchia, Giulia Palaeoethnology
Spagnoli, Federica Phoenician-Punic archaeology
Spinapolice, Enza Elena Paleolithic archaeology
Stasolla, Francesca Romana Medieval archaeology and society
Ten, Alessandra Survey and Technical Analysis of Ancient Monuments
Terribili, Gianfilippo History and epigraphy of preislamic Iran
Thornton, John Sources and issues of ancient greek and roman history
Toppetti, Fabrizio Archaeological landscapes - Contemporary landscapes
Vannicelli, Pietro Sources and issues of ancient greek and roman history
Vanzetti, Alessandro Preventive archaeology

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