Michetti, Laura Maria

Michetti, L. M.
  • Archaeology of the Pre-Roman Italy
  • Etruscology and Italic Antiquities
  • Receives: 
    Friday 11 am-1pm, Faculty of Literature and Philosophy, floor 1, studio 3

    The main lines of research concern the relationship between the city and the territory in Etruria, the organization of the sacred spaces, the Etruscan-Italic craftsmanship between Orientalizing period and Hellenism, funerary ideology. Director of the excavations at the port and the Etruscan sanctuary of Pyrgi, where the investigations have extended to the "public-ceremonial" district along the urban stretch of the Via Caere-Pyrgi. I studied the ports of Caere and the role of the city in the Mediterranean area. Director of the excavations in Veio, loc. Comunità, where a quarter devoted to the production of bucchero is being investigated, in connection with an important sacred area. I’m engaged in the publication of the old excavations in the Sanctuary of Portonaccio, and in the study of the Faliscan territory, with particular reference to the necropolis of the 6th-3rd century. B.C. and to the production areas of Falerii. I coordinate with D.F. Maras and E. Tassi Scandone the collection and publication of the repertoires of Greek and Latin literary sources on the history and civilization of the Sabines (Fontes Antiqui Sabinorum) and of the Etruscans (Fontes ad Res Etruscas Pertinentes).

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