The Ground Station

The ground station

All the satellites developed by the School are tracked by the SIA Ground Station that provides the RF communication with the spacecraft. The SIA Ground Station ensures the uplink of telecommands both in VHF and UHF bands and the collection of telemetry and low-rate payload data in the same bands while, for larger data rates, an S-band section is available. The Ground Station hardware includes a Yagi Uda UHF-VHF antenna system with low noise preamplifier, an S-band antenna with a 4-meter dish, an ICOM910 radio, a SYMEK TNC and a YAESU G232B rotor controller. The Ground Station is currently actively used to operate the Tigrisat satellite which is the last satellite launched by the School in June 2014. The ground station equipment is also used for testing the satellite communication subsystems on ground.



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