A.A. 2022-2023, Laurea Magistrale 1 and 2

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General info: this year I'll be teaching the first year Laurea Magistrale course for EAAS/SLLT students (surnames N-Z) and the second year Laurea Magistrale course for SLLT.

The second year EAAS Magistrale course is taught by Margaret Horrigan.

First year LCLT courses are now taught by Lewis Baker and Edward Lynch.

Second year LCLT courses are now taught by Rosanna Rossi.

We have a PDF guide (Guida di Lingua e Traduzione Inglese) that gives you an overview of all of our English Language and Literature courses. The new version will be out shortly and available for download in the 'allegati' section on this page. Most of the information you'll need will be in that guide: who's teaching, what they're teaching, what their exam involves, contacts, timetables, etc. 

My timetable for this year

Magistrale 1 (1C - surnames N-Z): our classes will be on Tuesdays (11-1, room 101) and Wednesdays (5-7, room 109)

To join this class, use the link 

Magistrale 2: our classes will be on Tuesdays (3-5, room 205) and Wednesdays (1-3, Lab CLA 03)

To join this class, use the link

Office hours ('ricevimento') during lesson time

If you need information, want to talk to me, show me your work, please come round during office hours. I'll be in the Studio 203, right next to the Segreteria didattica, on Tuesdays from 2 to 3.

During the winter break and until lessons resume there will be no fixed ricevimento: please email me to make an appointment for an online meeting.

You can also email me at:




Second semester lessons will begin in late February

The exact date will be announced nearer the time: lessons will still be on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, at the same time and in the same rooms as during the first semester.


For the LCLT 1 exam (lettorato 1, laurea triennale), students should get in touch with Lewis Baker and Edward Lynch, because I don't teach that course anymore (nor does Rosanna Rossi, who now only teaches lettorato 2, LCLT). However, if you've visited my page hoping to find info about the January exam for Lettorato 1, LCLT, here is the link to register:

Magistrale 1 and 2 students should not go to that link. We'll post the link and information about your exam as a separate announcement. I repeat: ignore the link above. 

January Exam Mag. 1: results now published

The file with the results is in the 'Allegati' section on this page. On that file you'll also find my date and time for visione compiti. 

UPDATE: February Exam (Mag. 1 and Mag. 2)

The Magistrale lettorato exams are on 3rd February 2023 in room 203. The actual exam will begin at 2pm, so we'll need you to show up at 1:30 so that we can check your IDs and get you properly seated. If you're taking 12 CFUs, consider the entire exam process could take up to four hours. For registration and all other details, go to the 'Appelli esame' section on this page. 

Exam Results (November sessione straordinaria)

Go to the section 'Allegati' on this page for the table of exam results for this session.

Course materials and reading lists

All magistrale students: it is essential that you have a dictionary of the appropriate type and level. It has to be a monolingual learner's dictionary and it has to cover B2 and above: my recommendation is always the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary.

Magistrale 1

Make sure you have a dictionary. Otherwise, we'll start with materials I'll bring to class or drop on Classroom.

Magistrale 2

Make sure you have a dictionary.

Other books for preparation and coursework are:

Swan & Walter, Oxford English Grammar Course, Basic (new edition, with ebook), Oxford

Swan & Walter, Oxford English Grammar Course, Intermediate (new edition, with ebook), Oxford

E.M. Forster, A Room with a View (any edition, but you can download and then print out a free PDF from the 'Allegati' section on this page).

Account Sapienza

You need to have a Sapienza email address and need to use it to contact us, joins certain classes, and enrol for exams. THe format of a Sapienza student email account is always

If you don't have a Sapienza email account yet, go to the page


Magistrale 1 and 2 lettorato exams

3rd February 2023 at 2pm, room 203, Edificio Marco Polo

Students who need to account for their attendance at this exam should print this document and bring a paper copy on the day of the exam. All students must bring paper copies of the following to prove that they are eligible to take the exam:

  • Photo ID
  • 6 cfu students enrolled in 2022-23 may take the February exam, 12 cfu students may not.
  • Proof of enrolment in the Magistrale programme
  • Proof of having passed the Magistrale 1 English exam (for students taking Magistrale 2)

Bookings now closed: Monday,  January 30th 2023 at 12.00


Late enrolments will NOT be accepted.


Late enrolments will NOT be accepted.

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