Research areas


The main objective of the Department is to develop studies and research on relevant themes – both social and cultural – within Italy and international environments. The goal is to combine quality and social impact as to understand emerging dynamics within communication and society.

Research activities within the department refer mainly to the study of:

  • Cultural and communicative processes, such as the relationship between media and society, the importance of digital technologies in innovation processes, the role of cultural industries, media studies and journalism, as well as corporate communication dynamics, economics and marketing
  • Social issues, such as innovation and changes within social organisations, especially those in the field of socio-cultural integration and civic engagement, environmental issues, cultural heritage, university and work life, international cooperation, and sustainable development

The mission of the department is to promote a balanced development of basic and applied research, geared towards innovation and social change, using communication and social phenomena as starting points. Among the main objectives there are:

  • Promoting quality of research and the value of each researcher;
  • Maximising visibility and impact of research done by the Department, keeping in mind public engagement activities;
  • Reinforcing collaboration and discussion with the international scientific community


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