Sapienza Advanced Superior School (SSAS)

The International School for Advanced Studies Sapienza, founded in 2011, is aimed at the advancement of science and to the enhancement of young people on merit and provides students with courses and training activities complementary to those provided by the law. These highly qualified activities are aimed at promoting the skills of the students through the scientific and cultural enrichment also in an interdisciplinary way.

The school makes use of full professors of wisdom, and of honorary professors emeriti and external scholars of high scientific qualification. The Senior Research Fellows are flanked Junior Research Fellows that enrich the ranks of disciplines represented and make an important contribution in terms of mentoring.

The School offers students and doctoral courses and training of high qualification activities, complementary to those provided by the law, that promote, in an interdisciplinary perspective, the critical spirit and willingness to address the complexity of knowledge and society.

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Opening lesson from Prof. Romano Prodi (ita)

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