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 In the academic year 1990-1991, the Faculty of Economics, Sapienza University of Rome, founded a decentralized campus in the town of Latina (which includes a very large surrounding catchment area in the region of southern Lazium). At the same time this initiated the need to coordinate the university courses held between the two sites. Presently the courses offered by the Latina Faculty of Economics comprise “Management and Business Law” (three-year degree, first cycle), and “Economics, Finance and Business Law” (two-year degree, second cycle). This follows  the 3+2 structure  adopted by Italian universities in recent years, in line with the European Bologna Agreement, designed to harmonize tertiary education among EU member states. In addition to this, the Faculty teaches a first-level Master’s Degree in Human Resources Management and Industrial Relations, as well as an Advanced Course in European Project Management.

The Latina campus has always been noted for its high-quality teaching Faculty, the breadth and inclusiveness of its courses, its confirmed research excellence, and a commitment to developing an international profile. Starting from the next academic year, study programmes will include courses taught in English, and double-degree courses organized with other European universities are ready to start. The Ersamus Plus Mobility programme for students wanting to gain valuable study experience abroad in the EU continues to gain popularity and is expected to have further impact in the coming year.    

At present the Faculty comprises 34 professors and researchers: 3 Full Professors, 14 Associate Professors,and 17 Researchers. In addition, 6 adminstrative-technical staff assist the didactic running of the Faculty. The number of enrolled students is continuously on the increase, presently totalling over 1,000 for the three-year, first-cycle undergraduate course, and around 160 for the two-year, second-cycle course.   

Over the years the Faculty has developed ever-increasing relationships with national and local institutions, resulting in a series of conventions signed with professonal associations and the productive sector of Latina and its environs. These represent significant steps forward in the advancement of culture, innovation and institutional representation for the entire area.

Management and corporate law - the course is held in Latina

Economics, management and corporate law

Study plan

Study plan

The Erasmus Office of the Polo di Latina manages the interinstitutional agreements for Erasmus + student mobility with European universities.
Erasmus + offers students the opportunity to study and / or receive training at a European University participating in the Program, up to 12 months within each study cycle (degree, master's degree and research doctorate / specialization schools).
Details on the requirements for using Erasmus + mobility are indicated in the notices published on Erasmus +.

The Erasmus + office is located on the first floor of the Palazzina del Ce.R.S.I.Te.S.
The Erasmus + contact person
Dr. Franca Rieti.
T. 0773.476807

Office hours:

Tuesday from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm;
Thursday at 14: 00-16: 00 pm;
  Interested students can agree on a different time of receipt, by appointment via e-mail.

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