Facoltà di Farmacia e Medicina


Faculty of Pharmacy and Medicine

Studying at the Sapienza School of Pharmacy and Medicine requires commitment, awareness, altruism, and a dedication to acquire the tools and knowledge necessary to perform vital services, such as caring for human beings and conducting specialized research. Choosing the School means having a constant commitment to study and attend courses. Besides learning general and specialized subjects students will need to be sensitive to ethical issues and learn the many competencies necessary to become medical and pharmaceutical professionals.The School of Pharmacy and Medicine trains:

  • Physicians and Surgeons, equipped with the scientific, theoretical and everyday skills necessary to practice medicine and face complex problems of modern healthcare. Students are educated using a holistic approach and trained to perform different functions within clinical, health and research environments. 
  • Biotechnologists, who innovate and use medical, pharmaceutical, molecular and cellular biotechnology for diagnosis and therapy as well as scientific and industrial research.
  • Healthcare Professionals, who autonomously conduct activities aimed at individual and collective care in nursing, rehabilitation, technical health and prevention.
  • Pharmacists, with the understanding to work in the healthcare field as fundamental links between patients, doctors and the public healthcare system.
  • Chemical and Pharmaceutical Technicians, who possess the theoretical and practical abilities to conduct research, development, production and pharmaceutical screening. 

The School consistently ranks among the best in Italy for quality, academic offerings and scientific, biomedical and pharmaceutical research. The advantages of the didactic method are:

  • Multidisciplinary and interactive approach.
  • Efficient and practical educational and scientific facilities.
  • Contact with clinical and laboratory environment and hands-on experience.

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