Thesis abroad scholarship / Free mover


Each faculty member gives international thesis scholarships through a call. It’s possible to apply at the faculty presidencies.

International Thesis Scholarships are addressed to students who want to conduct part of their thesis research abroad and who are properly enrolled at least in the master’s degree first year (two years duration) or in the last/ second to last year of a single cycle degree.

Thesis research can be done at institutions, companies, foreign or community companies, supranational or international institutions of a higher scientific and cultural level.

International Thesis Scholarship must be conducted for at least two consecutive months.


Free movers - Visiting students

Free Movers - or "visiting students" - are students who are neither enrolled in a degree programme nor participating in an exchange programme organized by the university (such as Erasmus) but choose to manage their study abroad.

To attend courses at another university and have credits officially recognized as part of your university transcript, you must obtain authorization from the faculty at your home university and admission from the host university.


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