Incoming Students


Arrival at Sapienza

The university organizes Welcome Weeks twice a year, usually in September and February. As part of the welcoming initiatives, the SMFN Faculty also arranges a Welcome Day, offering guidance on class schedules, channel divisions, location of classrooms, labs, libraries, access to general services, cafeteria, etc.


Mobility Stay

Following the welcome event, monthly meetings are organized to monitor the progress of international students, aiming to prevent potential difficulties and promote communication.

Participation in these meetings is highly recommended, and attendance is recorded through a dedicated sign-in sheet. During exam booking, incoming students should be meticulous because, unlike Sapienza students, they have access to the entire course catalogue of our University, including previous academic structures.

We urge students to check the exam code and corresponding credits and encourage teachers to verify proper enrollment, contacting the Faculty's RAEF in case of difficulties.


Re-entry and validation

Upon completing their mobility, international students must request, via email to the Faculty's Erasmus Office (, the Certificate of Attendance and the Transcript of Records.

It's important to note that the formal closure of the Erasmus period is conventionally set to coincide with the date of the last exam officially recorded at our Faculty.


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