Incoming Students

Before your arrival 

Fill out your Learning Agreement.

Useful sources to finalise your Learning Agreement:


Rules for your learning agreement!

  1. You can choose the teachings of this faculty from as many different degree programs as you want, even some from bachelor’s degrees and some from master's degrees.
  2. If you want to include teachings from other faculties in your Learning Agreement, the latter must not exceed 50% of the total number of ECTS.


Book your free Italian language course, if you’d like to learn it!

Sapienza provides free Italian language courses for its incoming students who are exchange students through the CLA - Centro Linguistico di Ateneo (University Linguistic Center). You can find the language level suitable, from A1 to C1. 


Find an accommodation.

Sapienza doesn’t provide a student residence for incoming students. However, several rental agencies, in partnership with Sapienza, help students find suitable accommodation. You can find all the information here


Once in Sapienza

  • As soon as you arrive, contact the International Mobility Office to sign your Declaration of Arrival (book your appointment


The First Week:

  • If you are from an Extra-EU country:
  1. Start the procedure to obtain your “Permesso di Soggiorno”. To obtain it, you can visit this guide (you MUST do it within 8 days since entering Italy!)
  2. Make sure to start the procedure to obtain your fiscal code as soon as possible. You can find information about that on the International Students info page, in the “Fiscal Code” section. 
  • Make sure to attend the Welcome Week and Welcome Day in Sapienza to get information on the location of classrooms, labs, libraries, access to general services, cafeteria, etc.
  • Check out the general information website for FAQs and info about the Student Card, the MENSA etc.



  • It’s very recommended to attend lectures. You can find the timetable for your courses by:
  • Make sure all your lectures correspond to your Learning Agreement. Remember that you can always change your LA during your stay with your Send institution’s contact person.  
  • Always remember to tell your professor that you are an Erasmus student.



  • Always check the exam code and corresponding credits and encourage teachers to verify proper enrollment (contact the Faculty's international officer in case of difficulties).
  • You can book all exams on InfoStud  (your digital dashboard)  
  • Log in and select: “Bachelors and Masters degree programme” > “Book Exams”.
  • Check the start and end dates for the booking window; if you are within those dates, you can book the exam.
  • Use the “Booked Exams” section to confirm the exams you booked and see additional information about the time and place of the exam. 
  • Incoming mobility students may only participate in sessions after (following) the planned mobility for justified reasons by requesting a mobility extension at their home university and informing the professor, the academic supervisor for mobility, and the international mobility office manager.
  • You can exclusively participate in exam sessions after the planned mobility for justified reasons by requesting a mobility extension at your home university and informing your professor, the academic supervisor for mobility, and the international mobility office manager at Sapienza. 

You can attend extraordinary exam sessions exclusively for special and proven reasons.

  • first semester: extraordinary session in April.
  • second semester: extraordinary session in November. 


  • Before leaving, contact the International Mobility Office to sign your Certificate of Attendance (book your appointment We’ll send your transcript of records to your home university later.


Please note that the Erasmus closing date is conventionally set to coincide with the date of the last exam taken at our Faculty.


Monthly meetings

Monthly meetings are organised to monitor the progress of international students, aiming to prevent potential difficulties and promote communication. Participation in these meetings is highly recommended, and attendance is recorded through a dedicated sign-in sheet. 





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