AVVISO DI SEMINARIO Dott. Ettore Majorana

Giovedì, 19 Dicembre, 2019 - 12:00

Dr. Ettore Majorana - vincitore Procedura selettiva n. 1 posto Prof. I fascia SC 02/A1  FIS/01 Ground-based gravitational wave detection using laser interferometers. Challenge and perspective.Gravitational waves have been directly observed on September 15th 2015. Various techniques have been explored to achieve the aimed sensitivity and two generation of researchers spent their best efforts to follow the path illuminated by ideas visionary experimental scientists attracted by General Relativity predictions. Large-scale free-mass interferometric detectors showed up as the most suitable apparatuses. Stable operation and performance of present devices is the framework  where the new observational astrophysics is rapidly growing- up, rising fundamental science cases, and sensitivity improvement demand to the experimentalists. We have the duty to delineate the path to future. 

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