Giovedì, 19 Dicembre, 2019 - 12:30

Dr. Carlo Mancini Terracciano - vincitore procedura selettiva per RTDA SC 02/A1 FIS/01  Applications of Nuclear Physics to Medicine  Nuclear Physics has a long and very rich tradition in applications that address societal needs and Medicine is one of the fields where Nuclear Physics applications have more impacts.The research in such a filed is constantly growing and improving the medical techniques. I will give an overview of the research projects I contributed mainly: the improvement of Nuclear Interaction Models of particular interest for Particle-therapy, i.e. the treatment of deep-seated tumour with ions (mainly Protons and 12C); and β- Radio-Guided Surgery, a technique aimed at helping the surgeon to precisely asses the margin of a tumour during surgery using β- emitters. I will conclude with the perspectives and some newly proposed projects.

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