Seminario Prof Roberto Contino, Accidental Dark Matter

Lunedì, 14 Giugno, 2021 - 12:00

Prof Roberto Contino, vincitore procedura selettiva  Prof. I Fascia  FIS/02 CODICE CONCORSO 2020POE001


 Accidental Dark Matter




The Standard Model of particle physics gives an extremely accurate and successful description of all the experiments performed in laboratories, but it fails to reproduce some of the most fundamental properties of our Universe and its cosmological evolution. The abundance of Dark Matter is one of them. In this talk I will review the idea that Dark Matter is in the form of a particle whose stability is the consequence of an accidental symmetry. Accidental stability is already realized in Nature by the proton, whose stability follows from baryon number conservation. I will discuss the implications of the Accidental Dark Matter paradigm and analyze some of the theories that have been proposed to realize it.

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