Seminario Dr. Fabio Columbro The search for primordial B-modes with LSPE/SWIPE and LiteBIRD

Venerdì, 17 Settembre, 2021 - 14:00

venerdì 17 settembre  alle ore 14.00 si terrà il seminario del Dr. Fabio Columbro
 vincitore della procedura selettiva per RTDA FIS/05 02C1, BANDO N 95/2021, cui si potrà assistere collegandosi al link di meet:

The search for primordial B-modes with LSPE/SWIPE and LiteBIRD

The most ambitious challenge in Experimental Cosmology today is the precision measurement of the polarized signal of the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB). The CMB is a snapshot of the primordial universe and represents an essential source of information about all epochs of the universe. The primordial B-mode pattern of its polarized signal has not been detected yet and should contain information about tensor perturbations generated during hypothetical cosmological inflation process, which believed to happen a split-second after the Big Bang. This polarized signal is well below the level of astrophysical polarized foregrounds procured in our Galaxy. The detection of this tiny signal requires a high-performance polarization modulation technique and a very large array of polarization-sensitive detectors with a wide spectral coverage and coupled to an imaging optical system. 
LSPE/SWIPE is the balloon borne telescope (launch scheduled in 1.5yr) of the Italian collaboration LSPE and is one of the most promising experiments which aims to improve the current upper limit on the level of tensor perturbations from inflation by a factor ~5. For SWIPE we have devoloped a number of experimental techniques which will be reused, in the future, by the LiteBIRD space mission. This is the next generation spacecraft (operative in ∼10 years) founded by the Japanese national agency JAXA, which will provide a full sky polarization maps with precision and accuracy 50 times greater than the current experiments.

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