Seminario Dr. Gonzalo A. Carvacho Vera vincitore procedura selettiva RTDA FIS/01 02/B1 Bando n.148/2021

Martedì, 14 Dicembre, 2021 - 14:00

martedì 14 dicembre

Ore 14.00
Si terrà il seguente seminario  cui si potrà assistere collegandosi al link zoom:

Dr. Gonzalo A. Carvacho Vera

Vincitore procedura selettiva RTDA FIS/01 02/B1 Bando n.148/2021

Experimental exploitation of quantum resources for photonic quantum technologies

Bell’s theorem is a conceptual cornerstone in our understanding of quantum theory that, with the rise of quantum information science, has also been turned into a novel tool for information processing. The key developments over the years in tasks such as quantum cryptography, self-testing, and entanglement certification, generalizations of Bell’s theorem beyond the simple single source scenario from the experimental point of view are taking increasing importance for the development of new quantum technologies. With that aim, a mathematical theory of causality has been developed, not only stating under which conditions such inference becomes possible but also offering a formal framework to reason about cause and effect within quantum theory. This seminar provides an overview of the latest results in the growing field of experimental quantum causality, with a special focus on concepts that only recently have entered the quantum information dictionary. In particular, we will address the implementation from the simplest quantum network to the star-shaped one and how through instrumental variables it is possible to uncover the strength of causal influences between variables.

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