Convocazioni seminari Dr.ssa Leonetta Baldassarre, Dr. Angelo Esposito

Venerdì, 11 Marzo, 2022 - 15:00

venerdì 11 marzo si terranno i seguenti seminari  cui si potrà assistere collegandosi al link zoom:

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Passcode: 754061

Ore 15.00

Dr.ssa Leonetta Baldassarre

Vincitrice procedura valutativa ex. art. 24 c. 5 L.240/10 FIS/03 02/B1 

Title: Infrared spectroscopy beyond diffraction limit: from plasmonics to semiconductor heterostructures and 2D materials
Abstract: The confinement of electromagnetic radiation in deeply subwavelength regions can result in an increase of the associated electric field strength, which in turn can lead to enhanced light-matter interaction and therefore in enhanced emission and absorption probabilities. Several photonic and plasmonic approaches can be developed to confine electromagnetic field either to measure few molecules in a sensing experiment or to probe intersubband transitions in SiGe quantum wells.
In the first part of the seminar, I will focus on the study and development of plasmonic nanostructures or photonic crystals for molecular sensing in the mid-infrared.
I will then move to the study of intersubband transitions in semiconductor heterostructures placed in waveguides. I will discuss progresses we have obtained towards the development of a Si-compatible THz emitter, before discussing latest experiments on van der Waals materials

Ore 15.30

Dr. Angelo Esposito

Vincitore procedura selettiva per RTDB FIS02 02A2

Title: Phenomenology between high and low energy physics

Abstract: I will give a general description of my main research interests, in particular discussing phenomenological problems that lie in between high and low energy physics. Specifically, I will discuss three topics that a related to systems at very different scales: the nature of exotic hadrons in low energy QCD, the effective field theory description of phases of matter, and the study of the non-gaussianities of the primordial Universe.

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