Seminario Dr. Bernard Van Heck Vincitore procedura selettiva RTDA FIS/03 02/B2

Lunedì, 11 Luglio, 2022 - 14:00

lunedì 11 luglio

Ore 14.00
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ID riunione: 840 8494 1163

Passcode: 843088

Dr. Bernard Van Heck

Vincitore procedura selettiva RTDA FIS/03 02/B2


TITOLO : Protecting quantum states in condensed matter


ABSTRACT: As solid-state quantum computing makes practical advances, a fundamental question remains: are there limits to the decoherence times that can be achieved in a condensed matter system? I will describe different approaches to protect physical qubits from the unwanted influence of the environment, and discuss a few ideas for future research, in the context of superconducting circuits and mesoscopic physics.


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